What Are the Towing Services to Choose From? 

Car or vehicle owners should have a towing service to hire. We may not know when will you need them. Events are unpredictable and who will help you in case you are stuck in a middle of a deserted road. Who will tow your car when you meet an accident?  

Tow service will respond as soon as you call them and transport your auto to your repair shop. But there are various types of tow service to avail. This depends on what type of car you have. They are enumerated below: 

Towing Services

Light to Medium Towing Service 

For small to medium vehicles, this service is the most recommended one. The towing vehicle uses for this type is a heavy-duty vehicle. There are other services included in this type. The company might offer gas refilling, jumpstart, and lockout. What if your engine died and won’t restart? Don’t worry, the company will respond and tow your car up to the repair shop. Also, when you are involved in a car accident or collision, they will also be there as soon as you call to tow your car. 

Off-recovery Towing Service 

If you got stuck in a muddy roadside and needs hauling, this is the type of service for you. No matter how much you try to get out, but you are still stranded you will need another vehicle who can pull you out. The experts will use a heavy-duty vehicle for easy pulling out and avoid further damage to your car.  

Heavy-Duty Towing Service 

For heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks, this is the service to avail. Heavy equipment and vehicles will be used to tow your vehicle. The company might also offer assistance up to your mechanic shop in case your engine breaks down and won’t restart.  

Above are the different types of towing services used by different types of vehicles and situation. Now you have to learn the different types of tow trucks used for each service: 

  • Heavy-duty towing truck. For towing service where your car will be lifted in the air, this is the tow truck to use. It provides a controlled and complete solution to transport your car to the auto shop. The metal yoke is used to fasten either the front or back end. In this way, it avoids further damage to the vehicle.
  • Flatbed towing truck.To avoid further damage to your expensive or vintage car, this is the service to call for. The truck used maximum safety equipment in transporting your vehicle. Expensive or vintage cars are delicate, so having a safety equipment is essential.  
  • Long distance towing truck. Some companies also offer long distance towing service in case you broke down outside your city. Make sure to inquire about the company if they have this one.

Now that you are familiar with the different towing vehicle services, you are now ready to look for a company to hire. Choosing a company needs some consideration before you make a decision. You need to know the response time, services besides towing and the towing availability.