Conduct Disorders
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Conduct Disorders Treatment

Symptoms vary depending on the age of the child and whether the disorder is mild,
moderate or severe. In general, symptoms of conduct disorder fall into four general categories:

Aggressive behavior: These are behaviors that threaten or cause physical harm,
and may include fighting, bullying, being cruel to others or animals, using
weapons and forcing another into sexual activity.

Destructive behavior: This involves intentional destruction of property such
as arson (deliberate fire-setting) and vandalism (harming another person's property).

Deceitful behavior: This may include repeated lying, shoplifting, or breaking
into homes or cars in order to steal.

Violation of rules: This involves going against accepted rules of society or
engaging in behavior that is not appropriate for the person's age.
These behaviors may include running away, skipping school, playing pranks or
being sexually active at a very young age.

If your teen is displaying symptoms of conduct disorder, it is very important
that you seek treatment. A teen with conduct disorder is at risk for developing other
mental disorders, such as antisocial personality disorder, mood or anxiety disorders,
and substance use disorders, in adulthood if left untreated. Teens with conduct
disorder are also at risk for school-related problems, substance abuse,
legal problems and injuries (to self or others), sexually transmitted diseases,
and suicide. But, when caught early, treatment of conduct disorders can be successfull.

It is often necessary to place teens with conduct disorders in a therapeutic boarding school setting. We have information on many treatment centers that have had success in treating conduct disorder. Call 1-866-590-6816 toll free for an immediate consultation with an expert in the treatment care industry. Each childs needs are unique. Lets be sure to get your child the help that will ensure long-term positive results.


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