Adolescent Sexual Behaviors
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Adolescent Sexual Behaviors

Teen Pregnancy

Parenting Awareness: Pregnant teens face a storm of issues, not only from the world around them, but from the world within themselves. Solutions to the problems that arise often seem out of reach, and indeed, some solutions may not be fully realized for years to come. However, a key behavioral concept is that troubled teens need to focus on the "here and now." How and why they got where they are is something to be worked out with a therapist, if at all possible. Planning for the future is necessary, but action and focus on today, in the here and now, will help the troubled teen move strategically toward life-strengthening solutions, which will enable her to serve herself and her child more effectively.


Sexual Abuse (Victim)

Parenting Awareness: sex abuse victims face a storm of issues from the world within themselves, and often struggle with their ability to cope with the people and events around themselves. Solutions to their problems often seem out of reach, and indeed, some solutions may not be fully realized for years to come. How and why teen abuse victims are suffering the way they are should be worked out with a therapist, with the support of healthy family members. Although parents often feel helpless when their child has been abused, the situation is not hopeless. Help is available. With the assistance of a therapist, the family can heal, and the teen can gain strength common to those who have survived and grown from pain.


It is often necessary to place the teen in a therapeutic boarding school setting. We have information on many treatment centers that have had success in treatment. Contact us so that we can find the right setting for your child.

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