Teen Suicide Treatment
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Teen Suicide

Symptoms of Teen Suicide: talk about committing suicide and preoccupation with death and dying, trouble eating or sleeping and noticeable change in personal appearance, loss of interest in work, school, or hobbies and withdrawal from social activities, friends, and family, drastic change in behavior, often taking unnecessary risks as if they didn’t care what happened. Some troubled teens increase their use of alcohol and drugs. Troubled Teens may display signs of preparing for death—making funeral arrangements or giving away prized possessions.

It is often necessary to place teen threatening suicide in a therapeutic boarding school setting. We have information on many treatment centers that have had success in treatment. Contact us so that we can find the right setting for your child.

How are you going to know what your troubled teens need?

What kind of boarding schools will build the life changing self-esteem and confidance that your troubled teens need in order to be successful in the long term?

A major problem facing troubled teens and adolescents nowadays is low self-esteem or feelings of worthlessness.

Many, if not all, of your childs destructive behaviors could merely be symptoms of this one core problem.

Be sure that the intervention you choose builds esteem rather than tears it down further.

An abusive or restrictive setting will not build the confidance and self-esteem that your child needs.

If your child exits a program with the same low self image that she entered with then she will continue to engage in those behaviors that validate her feelings of herself.

You have made the right choice in seeking help. The next step is to contact us.

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